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Biological samples such as biofluids (serum, plasma, urine, etc.), cells and tissue specimens can be submitted to obtain metabolic profiles.  For optimal results, minimum sample amounts required are 50 µL for serum, 200 µL for urine, 1 million cells, and 5mg for tissue. However, these numbers are not rigid. Contact the coordinator for specialized services using very low amounts of sample.

Sample preparation is a very important step. For NMR, either intact or extracted samples can be used. MS analysis invariably needs metabolites to be extracted. The extraction procedure varies with the type of sample as well as metabolite class of interest.

NMR and MS are complementary techniques and analysis. Using both the methods often provides useful insights into altered metabolism. For such requests, the same sample can be used for both NMR and MS. Since NMR is non-invasive, the whole sample can be recovered after NMR analysis and used for MS.

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