Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

The NW-MRC has the following off-line resources for MS and NMR spectral data analysis:

  • Off-line Workstations for Fast Data Processing and Analysis
  • Agilent off-line Data Processing Software
  • AMIX Program for Spectroscopy and Statistical Analysis
  • Chenomx NMR Suite for identifying and quantifying compounds in NMR spectra
  • MATLAB with PLS toolbox for Statistical Analysis and Data Visualization
    • Some of our scripts can be seen here: Software

The vast amount of information on biochemical reactions contained in the rich metabolite data provides a unique opportunity for systematic investigation of alterations in metabolic pathways in response to changes in cellular environment, and/or disease conditions. While the high complexity of metabolite data share many important features, they also introduce challenges that require expertise in the use of statistical methodologies and computational tools for efficient data visualization and analysis.  To place metabolomics alongside genomics and proteomics as an important tool for molecular and cellular biology and personalized medicine, effective data analysis approaches are needed to help interpret and fully realize the potential of metabolomics data.

In view of this, the NW-MRC offers service to the scientific community with state-of-the-art data analysis approaches to harness metabolomics data for basic and translational research. The innovative bioinformatics and biostatistics methods support in depth analysis and knowledge extraction from the rich metabolomics data generated from the NMR and MS platforms.