NMR Spectroscopy Resources

The UW-South Lake Union NMR Facility is co-located with the UW-South Lake Union MS Facility and the Administrative Core (850 Republican St., Seattle, WA 98109). It occupies 500 sq. ft. of space in the Mitochondria and Metabolism Center (MMC).

Major Accessories

  • 10mm, 5mm and 3mm probes for bio-fluid analysis
  • 4mm high-resolution magic angle spinning probe for metabolic profiling of intact tissue or cells.
  • 5 µl micro-coil flow probe with automation for analysis of small volume samples.
  • Micro-imaging probe for in vivo imaging and spectroscopy of small animal.

Bruker 800 & 700 MHz NMR

The NW-MRC also make use of Bruker Avance III 800 MHz (with cryo) and Avance III 700 MHz spectrometers are available at the UW Chemistry department facility