Globally Optimized Targeted Mass Spectrometry: Reliable Metabolomics Analysis with Broad Coverage

Targeted detection is one of the most important methods in mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolomics; however, its major limitation is the reduced metabolome coverage that results from the limited set of targeted metabolites typically used in the analysis.

Globally Optimized Targeted Mass Spectrometry 1.jpgIn this study we describe a new approach, globally optimized targeted (GOT)-MS, that combines many of the advantages of targeted detection and global profiling in metabolomics analysis, including the capability to detect unknowns, broad metabolite coverage, and excellent quantitation.

Using a study of serum metabolites in colorectal cancer (CRC) as a representative example, GOT-MS significantly outperformed a large targeted MS assay containing ∼160 biologically important metabolites and provided a complementary approach to traditional global profiling using Q-TOF-MS. GOT-MS thus expands and optimizes the detection capabilities for QQQ-MS through a novel approach and should have the potential to significantly advance both basic and clinical metabolic research.

Globally Optimized Targeted Mass Spectrometry 3.jpg

Citation & Full Text

Gu, H., Zhang, P., Raftery, D.: Globally Optimized Targeted Mass Spectrometry (GOT-MS): Reliable Metabolomics Analysis with Broad Coverage, Anal. Chem., 87:12355-12362, 2015.